Wonderful, articulate essay that came just at the right time (for me).

I was thinking abt something similar yesterday. I have a fantasy where I live in a glass house overlooking somewhere beautiful, like the ocean. and no one can enter the house unless they're "safe" and "good" and won't hurt me. in the glass house, all my defenses are washed away and I can relax and surrender. I have no fear and I don't have to fear that I'll ever be hurt or in danger.

but the paradox is that, in being free to relax and surrender, my natural defenses will loosen and eventually become obsolete. so then, in actuality, I'm completely penetrable and not protected from anyone or anything at all.

risk, uncertainty, and the possibility of danger are what help us build our necessary survival skills, develop our will, and build our moral propensity to endure hardship.

thank you for sharing❤️

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Sep 11, 2023·edited Sep 11, 2023

I am disgrac'd, impeach'd, and baffled here,

Pierc'd to the soul with slander's venom'd

sреаг. The which no balm can cure but his

heart-blood which breathed this poison.


It takes a devil's barb, a venom'd spear, to bring new life, a flow of blood into

a dead heart.

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adored this piece, it was very wise. it's been a while since i've read an approach to cristianism that made sense to me

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